Mansour Abbas (Ra’am), right, signing a coalition agreement with Israel’s opposition leader Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), left, and right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett (Yamina) in Ramat Gan near the coastal city of Tel Aviv. (United Arab List/AFP/Getty Images)

A new government coalition is set to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu out of power after 12 years. The vote is Sunday June 13th, 2021. Here is what has been reported so far:

Key Players:

Benjamin Netanyahu — Likud Party (right-wing, 30 seats); Current Prime Minister of Israel (for now). He is on trial for corruption.

Yair Lapid — Yesh Atid Party (centrist, 17 seats); Will become Prime Minister after 2 years.

Naftali Bennett — Yamina Party (right-wing, 7 seats); Will become Prime Minister for first 2 years. Opposes Palestinian statehood and seeks to annex the occupied West Bank.

Additional Players:

Mansour Abbas

America must vaccinate the rest of the world, not only because of the moral imperative but for the opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of democracy and free markets. To build alliances with the people of the world through kindness and aid. To prove to the world that we are better than authoritarian regimes under Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. To open economies to revitalization. There is no greater opportunity to build coalitions than to offer help in time of need.

The Moral Imperative

Being the richest and most powerful nation in the history of human civilization comes with its responsibilities. We hold a…

“Gassed” by
John Singer Sargent

I am Catholic and I developed most of my Catholicism on studying the theological teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine of Hippo. Two saints who contributed and influenced Just War Theory, the laws of war, and the moral philosophy of warfare. My Catholic Confirmation Saint is St. Michael the Archangel, the leader of the army of God. I also served 4 ½ years in the US Army Infantry as a Platoon Leader and Executive Officer. I found it critical, prior to me enlisting in the Army in 2013, to study and build a moral background so that I…

Samira Dajani holds a photo of her family in 1956 after they moved into their home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of east Jerusalem, Sunday, May 9, 2021. The Dajanis are one of several Palestinian families facing ethnic displacement by the Israeli government. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Why do politicians cower from using certain words? Does one word or definition really carry that much weight? Does it really scare people that much?

Does it hurt the feelings of an ally or a friend to tell them the blunt truth?

We find it pretty easy to be blunt with a state, nation, or people who are not our friends. And then we walk around as if we had courage to say it when others could not say it.

Are we that arrogant that we do not see our own cowardice when we fail to speak up as a…

Captain John Walker donning the same uniform as Captain America

*Minor Spoilers for Episode 5 of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”*

“I understand that!

I lived my life by your mandates!

I dedicated my life to your mandates!

I only ever did what you asked of me!

What you told me to be!

And trained me to do, and I did it!

And I did it well.”

Captain Walker’s defense for his murder of a disarmed combatant immediately caught my attention in “Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” Specifically, the line, “I only ever did what you asked of me.”

Placing blame not on his self, but on those above him.

I was just following orders.

We’ve heard that shit before.

I often feel bad that so many people are cut off from video game art. Whether its because of negative stereotypes about gaming and gamers (often well deserved) or because of lack of interest and capability to play video games themselves. People are missing out on beautiful stories, characters, and cinematography.

There’s a lot about RDR2 I can talk about. The beautiful American landscape it encapsulates (if I am using that word right). From snowcapped mountains to the wooded forests teaming with life. Or perhaps I can talk about the rich and developed characters (granted the game affords you almost…

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

I am a Roman Catholic, a denomination of the Christian faith. I was baptized, I had first communion, and I was confirmed in the Church. The Church I attended was ‘Our Lady of the Skies’ on Nellis Air Force Base. I grew up as the son of an enlisted airman, my father served in the United States Air Force, and both of my parents are Catholic. In fact, my mother is close friends (more like de facto sisters) with a woman who is one of the coordinators at ‘Our Lady of the Skies’. Her daughter is part of the LGBTQ…

Frederick Douglass 1879 (George Kendall Warren/National Archives)

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was born an American slave in 1818. He was forcibly separated from his mother, a common practice in American society to dehumanize people of color. His father was most likely his mother’s slave owner. The master-slave relationship was not one of love but of “property”.

Douglass educated himself in reading and writing; a crime for slaves to learn to do so. He understood the power of knowledge and used that power to fight, tread, and overcome the innumerable obstacles built by white supremacy. …

Courtroom in the historic E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse which houses the U.S. District Court and U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit 2017 (Highsmith, Carol M./Library of Congress)

On Tuesday the NAACP announced its lawsuit against Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and other extremists for their role in the Capitol Insurrection. Pursuing civil litigation against hate groups and bigots is not a new tactic. In fact, this tactic has been successfully used against the KKK!

Quick Explainer on Civil vs. Criminal Cases

First, we need to distinguish that these court cases are civil cases and not criminal cases. This means that the defendants (Trump, Spencer, the KKK) are not facing jailtime or imprisonment. Instead, these individuals and their groups are facing civil liabilities like court injunctions and punitive damages. …

(Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

As the Senate trial proceeds on whether to convict Donald Trump, his trial and other trials of right-wing extremists, are closely watched by far right militias and extremists. Failure to convict violent extremists in the past led to the most violent domestic terror attack on U.S. soil. This tragedy may be repeated if the Senate and federal government fail to convict right-wing extremists for their insurrection.

Additionally, the federal government indicted members of the so-called “Oath Keepers,” a right-wing militia, on conspiracy charges, this case, and others like it, will not only prove to be difficult, but the stakes will…

Stevan Molinar

I write to inform my friends as best I can.

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