America Must Vaccinate the Rest of the World. It’s the Right Thing and the Smart Thing to Do.

America must vaccinate the rest of the world, not only because of the moral imperative but for the opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of democracy and free markets. To build alliances with the people of the world through kindness and aid. To prove to the world that we are better than authoritarian regimes under Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. To open economies to revitalization. There is no greater opportunity to build coalitions than to offer help in time of need.

The Moral Imperative

With great power, comes great responsibility.

To Build Alliances

And just like in WWII, we overcome evil with alliances and coalitions.

To Prove We are Better than Putin and Xi.

The idea of democracy is superior to one man’s feeble grip on power.

Economic Revitalization

It is a smart investment given the partnerships vaccinating the world can yield.

Now is the Time

I write to inform my friends as best I can.