America Must Vaccinate the Rest of the World. It’s the Right Thing and the Smart Thing to Do.

America must vaccinate the rest of the world, not only because of the moral imperative but for the opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of democracy and free markets. To build alliances with the people of the world through kindness and aid. To prove to the world that we are better than authoritarian regimes under Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. To open economies to revitalization. There is no greater opportunity to build coalitions than to offer help in time of need.

The Moral Imperative

Being the richest and most powerful nation in the history of human civilization comes with its responsibilities. We hold a solemn duty, because of our position, to help others in need. When we see our neighbor’s home crumble under a storm, we offer them shelter. Vaccinations provide us with an opportunity to offer shelter to others from this terrible disease.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

To Build Alliances

After WWII, the United States embarked on the largest recovery effort in history to rebuild war-torn Europe with the Marshall Plan. These efforts held a very strategic purpose: to build alliances with our former enemies and aid our allies who fought and died to tear down the Nazi regime. Offering aid builds alliances, even if we get nothing in return. That kindness and friendship shown towards others establishes connections and influence. By simply connecting our people with other people, like any other social gathering, friendships naturally form. Especially if those friendships are based in us offering aid. By building these links, we have a starting point to continue building and strengthening these bonds.

And just like in WWII, we overcome evil with alliances and coalitions.

To Prove We are Better than Putin and Xi.

Putin and Xi have proven to hold strategic intelligence in foreign affairs, despite their authoritarian grip on power poisoning critics and imprisoning ethnic minorities (not to mention riding horses shirtless like a crappy Tinder pic or banning pictures of Winnie the Pooh because it hurts feelings). And while they have had success in their own affairs, they are limited by their authoritarianism. Neither of their vaccines have been proven as safe or effective as America’s. That is because of a failure of their leadership and the oppressive apparatus they have built on their own people. They are parasites draining the strength, knowledge, and power of their people for their own power. With the U.S. vaccinating the rest of the world and offering aid, we can show just how much our democracy, freedom, and diversity empowers us.

The idea of democracy is superior to one man’s feeble grip on power.

Economic Revitalization

With the world in the midst of a pandemic, economies have suffered because people are dying, people are sick, and public gatherings have become dangerous because of this virus. And while the U.S. economy is reviving, we still depend on the world selling and buying American products. Our economy cannot achieve its full potential when our markets are sick. We can invest in the world by vaccinating its people. A modest investment that can yield billions, if not trillions, of dollars for American business, manufacturers, banks, and workers.

It is a smart investment given the partnerships vaccinating the world can yield.

Now is the Time

There is no greater opportunity to help, aid, show off, and invest in vaccinating the rest of the world than now. We have the power, means, and opportunity to help lift the world out of this darkness. Let us take it.

U.S. Army Veteran. M.A. International Relations from University of Chicago. Voter. Volunteer. I write to inform my friends as best I can.