Forcing Women into Pregnancy and Labor is a Violation of Women’s Rights


Especially in a country that does not provide adequate healthcare, does not provide affordable childcare, routinely excludes women from the workforce, and makes no effort to provide aid for women and their children after birth, Texas’ ban on all abortions (including rape and incest), sanctioned by conservative Courts, is a violation of Women’s Reproductive Rights.

Republicans oppose universal healthcare, oppose universal childcare, oppose child tax credits, undermine public education, oppose Civil Rights protections for women, oppose social welfare programs for the poor, and oppose public health measures in fighting the pandemic. In combination with forcing women to give birth to a child, Republicans essentially kick a woman and her child to the curb. Their concern for human life is a guise for control.

Invoking some delusional sense of responsibility (a privilege men like me — who never have to go through pregnancy and labor — find it easy to demand from others) conservative men excuse these draconian restrictions on access to women’s healthcare.

The morality of having a child is a woman’s choice. Banning abortion continues the paternalistic views that women cannot decide for themselves. Women have the right to choose.

Therefore, the act of forcing women to give birth to a child is the harm that anti-abortion laws create. A violation of Women’s Rights.

I did not realize this until I was 27. As ignorant as I am, as long as it took for me to learn, and as much as I still have to learn, I am hoping I can explain to other men like me why we must uphold Women’s Reproductive Rights.

U.S. Army Veteran. M.A. International Relations from University of Chicago. Voter. Volunteer. I write to inform my friends as best I can.