Rahm Emmanuel is the Epitome of Male Privilege

(Nancy Stone / Chicago Tribune)

While some men characterize Rahm Emmanuel as “blunt” or “an acquired taste” Rahm exhibits abusive qualities that would get any woman (or Person of Color for that matter) fired.

I am a man who admittedly does not know much about sexism and male privilege (being a beneficiary of the latter). But I do know that if any woman acted like Rahm Emmanuel, she would not have had all the opportunities he has had. Like most recently, the ambassadorship to Japan. A country well known for its politeness. A post he is wholly unqualified for.

He has…

Grabbed a reporter.

Mailed someone a dead fish.

Cursed at Heads of Government.

Berated naked men in locker rooms while naked too.

Allegedly yelled in the face of mental health activists shouting at them to “respect” him.

Stabbed a table multiple times with a steak knife while ranting about Clinton’s “enemies” calling each one “dead” after each stab.


Fought a legal battle to block the release of the video of Laquan McDonald being murdered at the hands of a police officer. (The police officer was later convicted of second degree murder.)

So, with Japan as an important strategic ally needed to counter China’s economic and military strength in the region, that ambassador post should not be trusted to someone who abuses power, does not respect others, and exemplifies how easy it is to not get fired because you are a man.